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What Safe is needed at Home?

Recently, due to the unstable situation with the banks, a lot of Ukrainians prefer to have their savings in home-safes.

Nowadays, a variety of available models of these products are on sale, each of them is characterized by different material of manufacturing, thickness of metal, protection system and lock. Therefore, while selecting such an important in every house “assistant”, first of all, it is necessary to be guided by the goal of its further use.

First you need to determine what you will store in it: securities, jewelry and money, weapons or magnetic media.

Also, decide from what you would like to safe your valuables: burglars, fire or natural disaster. On these parameters will depend the type of safe: flame-resistant, burglar-proof, fire-resistant, arm.

It is important the external and internal size of the safe (these parameters may differ totally depending on the model). Do not forget the interior of the safe you have to choose, taking into account the growth of your future needs, ie, 25-30% more. Safe can also be equipped with a cash unit (treyzer), which is separately locked, and adjustable shelves.

Next, choose the place for safe installation: inside the wall or floor, basement, garage, bedroom, furniture. Remember that the safes can be very heavy, so you should also take this into account.

Decide how you want to open your safe. Secure safe without high-class lock – this is not secure safe. It is no wonder that in all over the world is known expression “safe-lock”. Of course, there are a lot of and different locks. In the first approximation, they can be divided into key and code ones.

Also, the key must be grooved (proper safety deposit), but not English or a crossed-type. Requirements for the key production should be very high: no burrs and additions are allowed, because micron accuracy of the key manufacture – is a guarantee from its fake. There must be only two key sets: one is for the owner and the second must be hidden is safety.

Increasingly, safes are equipped with electronic locks. They are expensive; do not have the disadvantages of mechanical code locks, but sometimes batteries low down, and the keyboard replacement, if it is damaged, is very expansive. Pluses – free change of the code, protection from selection, in expensive models – delayed opening, the ability of connection to signaling or remote control, hierarchical codes etc.

But that’s not all. There are variants of locks with magnetic keys and also with code contactless keys, which work in infrared, ultrasonic, radio and other weird solutions.

However, it is worth to be mentioned, that owners of the safes very rarely prefer the novelties in such market branch, and remain faithful to the combination of lever lock with mechanical code.

Price for safes varies depending on the protection class, capacity, and brand. If you have any doubts while buying the safe, you can use the conventional formula – safe price should be around 10-15% from the value of the stored property.

To crown it all, no one safe does not guarantee complete protection against burglary. It is only the part of general system of security, which should include the physical protection of the object, alarm availability and Access Control System.

We hope that our recommendations will be helpful and useful for you. Consortium “Saturn-K” always monitors interesting worthwhile novelties of the market.

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