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Software plays an important role security systems. Without intelligent software and hardware complex only equipment required to perform certain functions in the system. Perform all the same assigned to hardware complex functions, it will be in the presence of high-quality software solutions and correct its configuration.

Software security systems can be divided into three groups:
1. Software solutions that control the operation of a particular system (video surveillance, access control, burglar alarms, etc.);
2. Integration Platform is a complex system within which you can control all the security object to integrate equipment.
3. Software that performs analytical functions and can operate as an optional feature (facial recognition and license plates in the video surveillance, access control calculation of working time).

On this basis, it is understood the basic functions to be performed by software, hardware characteristics of the complex, which will control, from what point of the globe plan to monitor (to receive reports) and more.

 Our experts will help you supplement your system software quality, expand functionality, perform the adjustment. Software support is also included in the complex maintenance systems.

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  • SATURN consortium has 18 years of experience in the market of security and, through an integrated approach and the use of advanced technology, offers a wide range resheniydlya objects of any complexity.
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