Chervonozorianyi avenu, 150-A, of. 82
03118, Kyiv, Ukraine
tel. (044) 525 - 28 - 53

Saturn Consortium Housewarming (photo report)

Dear friends!

Our new office is opened officially! We are grateful to everybody, who visited and congratulated us distantly with one of the most important event for SATURN Consortium.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to express my real gratitude to all our employees, who were taking part in the repairing and arrangement of new office and in the organization of celebration.

Director of  Saturn-K Ltd. A. Pavlovskyi

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  • SATURN consortium has 18 years of experience in the market of security and, through an integrated approach and the use of advanced technology, offers a wide range resheniydlya objects of any complexity.
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