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Bodyguard Ukraine

It is necessary to pay high attention to the personal security services in Ukraine while visiting crowded places, business meetings at the territory of foreign country like Ukraine. The best option is VIP close protection in Kiev. It is also important to have professional bodyguards in Ukraine, who works on the whole territory of our country, which foreign people are visiting, because they know the situation for security protection in Kiev, what potential danger can appear and of course are well oriented in the city and suburb.

While providing services of security protection in Ukraine we recommend:

  1. Necessary number of people for personal security services (depends on threat level towards the protected person).
  2. The service of an experienced driver-bodyguard in Kiev and all over Ukraine.
  3. Privacy of the information.
  4. In some occasions we can check places beforehand which the person is going to visit.
  5. Increased security protection in Kiev while visiting crowded places.

The stuff that provides personal security protection consists of former directors and co-workers from the Units of State Security and the Security Service of Ukraine. Our stuff has professional skills and experience in providing security services of close protection for people who are visiting Ukraine.

Our stuff has combat and traumatic weapon, equipped with the means of communication and individual security protection of our guests in Ukraine.

We have English-speaking bodyguards to provide security service for foreign guests and delegations. Our people have experience of holding protocol events on the state level.

Many times our company has provided personal bodyguard in Ukraine for foreign residents on the territory of Ukraine. There are famous politics, businessmen among our clients, including those who work for Honeywell, Soros Foundation, Lockheed Martin and others.

To contact us, just send your request by e-mail: or call +38 (044) 286-94-05 or +38 (044) 286-94-07.

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