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Uniform guard, bodyguard and close protection

The main focus of our activities in the market of uniform guard, body guard and close protection  in Ukraine and Kiev is common use directly physical guard posits and technical security equipmen tat the protected objects. Such combination will  improve the efficiency and reliability of the whole complex of security objects.

Our security guards are required to attend certification SSS (State Security Service).

Outfit: special uniform guard (winter-summer), police sample “Titan” or uniform according  to the client’s wish and according to the internal rules at the guarded object.
Armament: baton, gas, gun established by the Law of the sample.
Additional equipment: radio and emergency communications with the duty part, the relevant officials.

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Selection of bodyguards is carried out according to the client’s requirements and specificity of the object, but not elder than 45 years. The workers have to be military persons in the past, must have the certificates from a psychiatrist, narcologist and pass the further examination of the Commission in medical management of Main Department of Internal Affairs Ministry in Kiev.
The certification from SSS the bodyguard gets after the exams in special subjects and after he has got the state certificates.
Our company also provides services of highly experienced drivers – bodyguards.

The centralized management of the guard posts is provided by security service chief (chief security officer of the object). Information about the status of the protected area is constantly transferred to the operational person on duty according to a fixed schedule. If there is no timely report from the object, we take all measures to establish communication with the object and, if it’s necessary we send the operational mobile group.

For emergency cases, we also send a reserved mobile group which reports to Internal Affairs Ministry about the situation at the object.

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