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Structured cabling system

There are much more people who has heard the phrase “smart home” than people who knows what SCS (structured cable system) and this is a fact. But among experts, the ratio will be likely opposite. Installers and fitters of SCS more than their colleagues in the “smart home” technology.

Structured Cabling System (SCS) – is the physical basis of the building infrastructure, which allows you to combine into single system all network information services: computer technique, telephone systems, security systems, etc. Typically, these services are discussed in the framework of certain services of the enterprise.

So what we need SCS for?
1. The first and the most frequently requested fuction is the Internet required for obtaining information, downloading and uploading files, etc.
2. IP-network for media content communication and storage, including IP-television if it’s necessary.
3. The upper level of the building automation. IP-network connects all the fieldbus systems (networks) with centralized scheduling, visualization and dispatching.

SCS is a hierarchical cable system mounted in a building or group of buildings, which consists of structural subsystems. Its equipment consists of a set of optical and copper cables, patch panels, patch cords, connecting cable connectors, modular jacks of information outlets, as well as auxiliary equipment. All the elements of the SCS are integrated into a single system and operated according to certain rules.

Cable system is a system which elements are cables and components that are connected with a cable. To cable components is refered passive switching equipment for connection or physical termination of cable – telecommunications outlet at the workplaces, motocross and patch panels in the telecommunication rooms, clutches and splices;

Structured system is any set or combination of connected and associated component parts.  The structure of cable system is determined with the information technology infrastructure, IT, it points the content of a particular cabling system project in accordance with the requirements of the end user, independently on the active equipment which can be used later.

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