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Warranty and post-warranty service

Technical complex of systems security is the most complicated which requires timely quality service to ensure safe and reliable operation throughout all the period of operation. Preventive repair and technical maintenance of security systems must be done in time and in full scale, becuase even any little failure or damage in the system can stop it, and this in turn can lead to considerable material and financial losses.

Regulation of maintenance:
- Inspectionthe  system and detect obvious damage;
- Diagnostics of the equipment;
- Diagnostics software;
- Check and adjustment (in the case of a fault) system;
- Preventive cleaning of the equipment;
- Check connections and connectors;
- Diagnostics automation;
- Checks the indicator systems of primary and backup power sources;
-To remove the troubleshooting, to repair the equipment, loops, knots;
- Supervision of the correct use of fire and security systems;
- Check system condition and its functional state.

Using our maintenance service, you will get:
1. Confidence that the security system works.
2. Quality service 24/7/365.
3. Possibility of emergency call specialist.
4. Repair and restoration of security systems under the contract maintenance.

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