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Installation works

Installation of security systems should be trusted to professionals, because only they can correctly do all work and ensure the correct operation of the system. Qualified professionals can take into account all the details and features of the system as well as the equipment used, to perform the work according to the project and existing standards, while ensuring the planned functionality of the system.

Our company, through its own assembly department performs assembling of any complexity on time and at the best cost of the following systems:
I.  Fire protection systems:
- Fire Alarm Systems (address, analog);
- Fire fighting (gas, water, powder, foam, aerosol);
- Smoke removal, heat ventilation systems (forced, gravitational) and air pressure systems;
- Fire alarm notification systems and evacuation of people;
- Automation and dispatching.
II. Alarm security systems:
- Surveillance system;
- Access сontrol and monitoring system;
- Burglar alarm systems;
- Perimeter security systems.
III. Structured cabling systems (computer, telephone, radio).

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