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Security systems designing

Stage of security systems designing is the starting point in the process of constructing a security complex and the most important stage. During project development for various security systems, whether surveillance or other security system, you need to pay attention to a lot of factors that play a role in the quality of work of any system.

 Our company is engaged in the safety systems designing of any complexity. We have many years’ experience in security systems designing for hundreds of objects, including unique architecture objects , industrial enterprises, shopping malls, business centers, multistory residence buildings, banks, hypermarkets.

Our company holds the entire range of activities, from the assistance in developing technical specifications, site survey and preparation of design and estimate documentation to installation, commissioning works and commissioning of buildings and structures.
I. Fire protection systems designing:
- Fire Alarm Systems (address, analog);
- Fire fighting (gas, water, powder, foam, aerosol);
- Smoke removal, heat ventilation systems (forced, gravitational) and air pressure systems;
- Fire alarm notification systems and evacuation of people;
- Automation and dispatching.
II. Alarm systems security designing:
- Surveillance system;
- Access сontrol and monitoring system;
- Burglar alarm systems;
- Perimeter security systems.
III. Designing of structured cabling systems (computer, telephone, radio).

Qualified employees of our company will help you select the components to install and configure security systems that will effectively protect your office or other object without requiring frequent maintenance and interference in their work.

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