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Electrical installation

Every year the load on the electric network in Kiev increases proportional to built-up density and number of stories in the buildings. Besides, the number of electrical appliances, used in many-storied buildings can’t be compared with low-rise buildings, where gas stoves are used. Under such conditions the quality of electric network becomes the basic for general security and good work of all electrical appliances.

That’s why we develop a new branch – electrical installation.

Our company performs installation work and work on commissioning of electrical networks in residential and non-residential buildings, offices and shopping malls, manufacturing enterprises and agricultural objects.

Designing work on electric supply includes the project design according to the existing regulations (Electric Installation Code, Safety Operation Manual, Construction Code and Regulations, Regulation for the Safety Operation of Electric Installation) and planned load with the opportunity to add some extra power. Then the project is coordinated in Electric Inspection Service.

Installation works are performed only according to approved project and include installation of electric boxes, cable laying, measuring systems and protection devices and connection the building to the electric network.

Having finished electrical installation we perform commissioning work:

  1. Examination of electric power lines and mechanism for defectsand damage.
  2. Verifying the reliability of the wires and cables.
  3. Measurements of insulation resistance and loop zero-phase.
  4. Measurements of ground.

 We form the report from the data we have got and give all necessary documents to Control State Institutes – to Ministry of Emergency Response and Electric Inspection Service; then we get the official permission for system start up.

 Our workers are professionals who perform all work efficiently and on time. The great human resource helps us to do the work of any complexity and in a large amount.  

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