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“In spite of everything, we have implemented a number of major projects,” Alexander Pavlovsky, director of “Saturn-K”


Results of the Year 2014 Nomination: best suppliers according to version of Build Portal
The company “Saturn-K” won BUILD PORTAL AWARDS 2014 in nomination THE STRONGEST.
This is not surprising, since the crisis gave us a good boost to the development, and forced to work harder and more efficiently.
Below, there is an interview with the director of “Saturn-K”, which confirms that we are confident about the future and are ready for any eventualities.
- How can you cgaracterize the passing year?
- In view of the difficult situation in the construction market of Ukraine (the economic crisis, war, constantly growing dollar price) company “Saturn-K” managed to implement a number of major projects in the field of fire and security safety while maintaining the profitability of each of them at an acceptable level. Also we managed to keep a team of specialists, completed repairing and moved to a new office. As a result, I believe that this year for us was not without difficulties, but, in general, quite satisfactory.

– How did you react to changing market conditions?
- Performed flexibility in dealing with suppliers, partners, contractors, by achieving minimization of overhead costs.

- During the crisis full commitment of all employees without exception is very important. How do you motivate your team?
- Our employees before crisis, and after crisis, emerged themselves as a cohesive team. And the motivation is the same: the better you work for a result – the more you earn.

- What helped you in promoting your products/services?
- A set of tools for promotion we had had to cut. We referred to the online promotion. This year we created a new website, bet on SEO, contextual and banner ads. Also we paid special attention on the improving of work of our sales department.

- What are your plans for the new coming year?
- First of all, save each existing customer and develop new markets. Moreover, we are planning to open a new direction.

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  • SATURN consortium has 18 years of experience in the market of security and, through an integrated approach and the use of advanced technology, offers a wide range resheniydlya objects of any complexity.
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