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Data protection

Nowadays, the technical processes and data storage technologies becomes more significant component of businesses of all sizes. Data operations becomes the basis of business processes -  more successful and quick wins a competitive race. The solution of the data protection in modern information systems will be successful only when an integrated software comple[ will be used.The complex designed to control leaks and detection of unauthorized access to corporate information.

Information security, as well as protection of information is a complex problem, aimed at ensuring the safety and implemented by the security system.

The problem of information security is multifaceted, it should provide:

- Identify the giveaway of confidential information and personal data via e-mail;
- Via short message system(ICQ, Jabber, MSN, etc.); FTP; Skype;
- External storage media (USB / CD / DVD);
- Documents sent to print;
- Web browsers;
- Devices based on iOS;
- Laptops;
- Stationary computers and monitors;
- File servers;
- Supervise staff time and communication.

 Responsible staff are promptly notified of the security breach. Advanced search capabilities allow you effectively protect confidential data with minimal effort required to analyze information flows.

Our experts will select the optimum configuration system for your enterprise, perform the adjustment to your requirements, conduct training for a security officer who will monitor the system.

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  • SATURN consortium has 18 years of experience in the market of security and, through an integrated approach and the use of advanced technology, offers a wide range resheniydlya objects of any complexity.
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