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According to Maslow’s pyramid, security is the second most important human need and priority. Precede only physiological needs at the level of instincts. That is why the mission of the Consortium SATURN is security for every individual and society as a whole, regardless of the specifics of the problem, be it personal protection, security, business or individual events.
We make sure that each person had the opportunity to go to the next stage – to meet the needs toiletries, respect, cognitive, aesthetic, and finally, the need for self-actualization. Business, in turn, must be able to develop, to spend the resources not for damages but invest into new projects and directions, providing companies a steady growth and profit.
We have 18 years of successful work at the Ukrainian market of security services in the name of “Saturn-K”, “Integrated System of Security and Development”, “Security Expert “ offering a full range of services in the sphere of security and automation:
- Design of all types of security systems (integrated security systems)
- Installation, commissioning, alignment ( CCTV installation, access control systems, perimeter protection, security and fire alarm systems, fire protection);
- Supply of equipment, from Ukrainian producer and from all over the world;
- Services of uniform guards and bodyguards in Kiev and regions (protection enterprises and objects of any complexity);
- Information and detective services.

Combining the services of integrated security systems within the Consortium Saturn, we provide our companies a competitive advantage by offering proven solutions based on years of experience and the latest technology with the best level of service, personal touch, constant willingness to perfection.

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  • SATURN consortium has 18 years of experience in the market of security and, through an integrated approach and the use of advanced technology, offers a wide range resheniydlya objects of any complexity.
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